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TMBizApp helps trademark owners protect their brands on private namespaces called social networks. There are literally thousands of Social Networks and more are being created every day. In fact, there are too many to keep track of. This is where TMBizApp can help. By using criteria such as website traffic and membership size, TMBizApp has identified the top Social Networks on the Internet. As new networks rise in popularity, they are detected and added to our list.  


  • Searching is FREE
    So, go ahead and check the availability of 5, 10 or 100 trademarks. All of the results are saved for later review and sharing.
  • Assign Client Reference
    Assign a Client Reference to segregate your work by client or project.
  • Generate In-Use Report
    The TMBIZApp Trademarks in-use report will compile screen-shots of all Taken public profiles . Email delivery is typically within an hour of placing your order.
  • Search History
    All of your searches are saved by reference for later review.
  • Share Searches
    Share your searches by selecting the short url and emailing it to colleagues and clients.
  • Reserve Trademarks Now
    Protect your trademark by ordering the TMBIZApp Trademarks Reserve service today.
Updated: 2011-04-17

Languages: English

How it Works
  • Subscribers (any zetaclouds users) subscribe to app by clicking on "Get App" button from Zetaclouds AppStore.
  • Pick a desired App Plan
  • Register to Google Appengine account (signup with google id), add first app identifier and provide developer/direct access.
  • Select App Version
  • Choose Payment period (Note: Long term subscriptions might have additional discounts).
  • Add custom domain URL for the App eg: www.mydomainname.com
  • Customize the App templates (depends upon the selected priceplan, some plans allow to customize the app) and publish to app cloud instance.
  • Enable Appengine billing: App is deployed into Google Appengine cloud infrastructure. Google provides free quota for CPU, Outgoing/Incoming bandwidth, Stored Data space. Free quota is reset daily.
  • App renewal: All zetaclouds Apps are prepay basis. They need to be renewed before the expiry. App renew notice emails are sent 10 days before app expiration. App can be renewed for preferred payment plan and period.

Price Plans

  • Specifications

  • Description
  • Feature Label-1
  • Unit cost
  • Discount (Prepay)
  • 12 Months
  • 24 Months
  • Free trial
  • Service Plan-1

  • Service description goes here
  • TMBiz
  • $0/month
  • -
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  • 15 days

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